Colts and Girls Sections - Policies and Codes of Conduct

The Club Committee wishes to make it clear that it values greatly the Colts (Boys) and Girls Sections of the Club and is committed to providing the very best facilities for all our youngsters.

We believe that the colts/girls will be more likely to enjoy their cricket and have more fun if they are well managed and receive top quality coaching.

As part of our continuing drive to develop these arrangements, the Club has produced a Preston Nomads Cricket Club - Policy for Colts/Girls, to inform the colts/girls and their parents (or guardians) what they can expect of the Club. This is set out below.

Underpinning this Policy, are the following codes of conduct and Club Equity Statement

  1. Players, parents, and coaches are expected to show a positive, respectful attitude for everyone involved in the sport. Criticism and disrespect for officials, opponents, coaches or fans undermine the purpose of sport and encourage behaviour contrary to the spirit of the game
  2. Parents' conduct will have a significant bearing on a son/ daughter's attitude towards other players, match officials, team officials and supports and, therefore, this should be of the highest standard at all times.
  3. Encourage your son/ daughter to know the Laws of Cricket and play within them. They should also understand the 'Spirit of Cricket'. Ensure that they always play fairly and never argue with officials.
  4. If your son/ daughter is taking any medication or has an illness or injury that will affect their ability to participate, please let the coach or captain know
  5. If you notice other adults, other than parents, hanging around the teams, you should identify them to the Welfare Officer or a Club official
  6. Consider if you can assist the Club with a volunteering role, eg bar, teas, scoring, umpiring
  7. Club officials reserve the right to speak to and, where absolutely necessary, take appropriate sanctions if parents do not comply with the above
  8. If you have any concerns about the coaches, captain, team selection or the general running of the Development Academy, please discuss in private with the Academy Director in the first instance
  9. If you still have concerns, having spoken with the Academy Director, please arrange to meet with the Chair of the Development Team or the Club Chairman