Colts and Girls Sections - Policies and Codes of Conduct

The Club Committee wishes to make it clear that it values greatly the Colts (Boys) and Girls Sections of the Club and is committed to providing the very best facilities for all our youngsters.

We believe that the colts/girls will be more likely to enjoy their cricket and have more fun if they are well managed and receive top quality coaching.

As part of our continuing drive to develop these arrangements, the Club has produced a Preston Nomads Cricket Club - Policy for Colts/Girls, to inform the colts/girls and their parents (or guardians) what they can expect of the Club. This is set out below.

Underpinning this Policy, are the following codes of conduct and Club Equity Statement

(Based on ECB Coaches Code of Conduct)


Coaches should:

  • assist in the creation of an environment where every colt/girl has the opportunity to participate in coaching and matches;
  • create and maintain an environment where colts/girls are free of fear and harassment;
  • recognise the rights of all colts/girls to be treated as individuals.



  • should develop a working relationship with players, based on mutual trust and respect;
  • must not engage in behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, bullying);
  • should promote the welfare and best interests of the colts/girls;
  • never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward;
  • never condone violations of the laws of cricket, rough play or use of prohibited substances;
  • must avoid sexual intimacy with any colt/girl;
  • must take action if they have a concern about the behaviour of an adult towards a colt/girl;
  • should empower colts/girls to be responsible for their own actions and decisions.



  • must be fair, honest and considerate to colts/girls and their parents/guardians;
  • should project an image of health, cleanliness and functional efficiency;
  • must be positive role models for colts/girls at all times;
  • should display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance.


Coaches shall:

  • provide a safe environment that maximises benefits and minimises risks to colts/girls in achieving their goals;
  • promote the positive aspects of cricket (e.g. fair play and respect for others);
  • promote the execution of safe and correct practice, appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part;
  • be professional and accept responsibility for their actions;
  • hold the appropriate, valid qualifications and insurance cover;
  • make a commitment to providing a quality service to those colts/girls they coach;
  • follow all guidelines laid down by the ECB and the Club;
  • gain ECB coaching qualifications appropriate to the level at which they coach;
  • have responsibility for ensuring that they have been individually checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

The above Code of Conduct will also apply, as appropriate, to all PNCC age group and match managers.